Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank You 2012 by Larry Lerew

"Rainy Walk" by Larry Lerew
22" x 22" Original Acrylic on Stretched Gallery Wrapped Canvas (sides painted)
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Happy New Year Everyone! Finished my last painting for 2012. Had a wonderful and progressive year. Thank you to all those who supported me with both sales and encouragement. I look forward to a prolific new year and more growth as an artist.
This painting was inspired by the corner of Main and York Streets, Mechanicsburg, PA. I plan to continue my new theme "Walking Through Townscapes" in 2013. This will give me the opportunity to paint familiar locations and include my fun quick serendipity blot figures.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Letting Figures Paint Themselves by Larry Lerew


Artist Log #12-11-01
Series Title: "Serendipity Blot Figures"
Size: 7" x 5" Watercolor On Paper
Artist Log #12-11-02

Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Music In The Street" by Larry Lerew

"Music In The Street" by Larry Lerew
Acrylic and Wax Crayon on Watercolor Paper
16" x 20"
Artist Log #12-09-15

Had a great day painting in the street with the Susquehanna Valley Plein Air Painters at the Harvest of the Arts, Carlisle, PA.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Painting Cape Cod by Larry Lerew


"West Dennis Beach"
11" x 15" Acrylic On Watercolor Paper
All Rights Reserved Larry Lerew 2012

"Dream Baby At Rock Harbor"
15" x 11" Acrylic On Watercolor Paper
All Rights Reserved Larry Lerew 2012
I painted 9 paintings and made many sketches in my sketchbook along with taking over 800 pictures.
These two plein air paintings were the only ones worthy to show. "Someday" I might work up some studio paintings from the visual information and memories I gathered from the trip.

Friday, August 24, 2012

"East On Main" by Larry Lerew

"East On Main"
12" x 24" Acrylic Stretched Canvas
All Rights Reserved Larry Lerew 2012

Out painting the town with the Susquehanna Valley Plein Painters this morning. Found a safe, shady spot with a knock out view of East Main Street from the square of Mechanicsburg, PA. Put lots of energy into this, I think this one might vibrate right off the wall. Cheers!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Painting Green Without A Tube Of Green by Larry Lerew

"Oak Hill Road Greenery"
8" x 10" Canvas Panel
En Plein Air August 6, 2012
Faced with a lot "Greenery", I had fun "mixing colors" from primary colors. I like a limited palette of four tubes of paint: Quinacridone Crimson, Yellow Medium Azo, Phthalocyanine Blue (green shade) and Titanium White.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rivers and Meadows This Week by Larry Lerew

"Summer River"
9" x 12" Canvas Panel
En Plein Air July 31, 2012

"Rockville Bridge Haze"
10" x 10" Canvas Panel
En Plein Air July 31, 2012

"Wildflower Explosion"
8" x 10" Canvas Panel
En Plein Air July 31, 2012

"Deep Purple Meadow"
8" x 10" Canvas Panel
En Plein Air August 1, 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

Backyard Wildflowers - Larry Lerew

"Gigantic Pink Wildflowers"
8" x 10" Canvas Panel
En Plein Air July 30, 2012
Perfect summers' evening to paint. Great light and clear sky. Still can join in after 5 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday this week. I started the first evening with a painting of these gigantic 6 and half foot tall pink wildflowers that grow along our creek.
Tuesday and Wednesday evenings I want to paint the mass of purple and red wildflowers in the meadow. The Queen Ann's Lace is still blooming. These flowers are always beautiful but only bloom for a short time. I have the grass cut all around so I can paint without stepping in the high weeds. The butterflies are everywhere right now and the evening light is fantastic.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Boiling Springs Corner" by Larry Lerew

"Boiling Springs Corner"
Acrylic 12" x 16" Canvas Panel
En Plein Air July 25, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Paint Out That Went Solo - Larry Lerew

"Wild Carrot Behind My Garden"
en Plein Air
12" x 16"

Planned a paint out today but the weather was not good this morning so I encouraged the SVPAP painters to visit another time. By 11 a.m. it was still overcast and everything was still wet from yesterday but I wanted to paint outside so I did. I tried some new tricks for a very "Green, Cloudy, Wet Day". I threw out the "Local Color" and tried to paint this painting without mixing green. I also had fun working the entire painting with one 3/4" wide brush except for a few calligraphy lines and my signature. The wet day kept the normally fast drying paint wet which was a challenge and made it hard to over paint layers and get drybrush effects. I took a lunch break and when I came back it had dried a little and I added final touches. By the way my uncle calls "Queen Ann's Lace" by an old country name "Wild Carrots" and he can't understand why I would want to paint "Weeds".

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I could feel the snakes watching - Larry Lerew

Thursday Julie Riker, Ralph Hocker, Bill Andrew and I painted early at Wildwood Lake near HACC above Harrisburg. We were looking for water lilies but it was still a little early in July. My first visit here and I found a spot on the "boardwalk" close to the nature center. Bill and I both saw a red weasel and lots of hikers of all ages moving around the park. I felt a little uneasy standing in one spot for two hours next to marshy water, there had to be water snakes. This was an interesting low key painting and I had fun toning all the values down but still holding onto lots of color.

"Wildwood Lake Woods Of Color"
en Plein Air
9" x 12"

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

McKees Half Falls by Larry Lerew

Early morning light on the river today was fantastic. I really liked the low view of the river and seeing the sparkling stepped levels of the McKees Half Falls. Thank You Julie Riker and Ralph Hocker for showing me the "beautiful river". I think I'm falling in love with the river! Had a great time painting and lunching with Mary Beth Brath, Cathy Mabius, Julie Riker and Ralph Hocker.

"Sparkling Waters At McKees Half Falls"
en Plein Air
8" x 16"

"McKees Half Falls On Susquehanna"
en Plein Air
10" x 8"

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

SVPAP Respresented At The Art Center School and Galleries 2012 Member Show - Larry Lerew

The Art Center School and Galleries 2012 Member Show July 13 to August 10 held an open reception last evening. I am honored to be included in the awards presentation announced by Jeannine Swartz and juried by Laura Shambaugh. Laura considered the following when judging the exhibit.

* Overall originality/uniqueness - how the piece/image was made their own.
*Craftsmanship of the media used.
*Did it reward the viewer from a distance and also when viewed up close? Does it keep the viewer's interest?
*How successful did the piece convey the concept or meaning if there was one?

The Awards:
3rd Honorable Mention Went To: Helen Canfield "Two Lovelies" Watercolor.
2nd Honorable Mention Went To: Lori Snyder "Transcendental Trash" Photography.
1st Honorable Mention Went To: John Hassler "Early Spring" Oil.
3rd Place Went To: Larry Lerew "Dillsburg Square Crossing" Acrylic.
2ns Place Went to: Teri Oja "Birches with Lupines" Thread/Fabric.
1st Place Went To: Linda McCloskey "The Other Side Of Me" Acrylic.

Stop in through August 10 and view all of this wonderful member's exhibit represented by 25 artist's showing 48 pieces.

"Dillsburg Square Crossing"
Acrylic en Plein Air
8" x 16"
Larry Lerew, 3rd Place.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Lily Love" By Larry Lerew

#12-07-02 Size: 9" x 12" Acrylic, en plein air
"Lily Love"
High Street, Camp Hill, PA
Cecelia Lyden called a SVPAP paint out on June 27 to paint in her neighbor's backyard flower garden and this is my painting. I wanted to make a statement on canvas with this outrageous burst of natural color before me and had to paint exactly what I saw and felt. I didn't see flowers or objects, I saw a beautiful jumble of color, shapes, texture, movement, lines and values.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

"Peach Flavor" by Larry Lerew

#12-07-01 Size: 10" x 8" Acrylic, en plein air
"Peach Flavor"
Petra's Farm on Lerew Road
This was a beautiful location with plenty to paint. I took a look around and found myself in a small fruit orchard. I was looking for interesting shapes and patterns and the color of these ripe peaches hanging in the tree caught my eye. In fact I wanted to paint them so bad I took the risk of standing under the tree with fruit on the ground and a few bees. I made it to completion and I'm proud to say no bees were harmed in the making of this art.

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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beech Spring Farm, Orrtanna, PA by Larry Lerew

#12-06-59 Size: 12" x 24" Acrylic, en plein air
"Beech Spring Farm Overview"
Orrtanna, Pennyslvania
June 28th the SVPAP met at this beautiful location and I found a great viewpoint for my painting on a open field hillside. It was a hot day with a dry breeze blowing and I was working in full sun that's why I got "sun sick". Had most of the painting in place but had to stop and take a break in the shade and drink some water to recover. It's amazing how involved an artist gets while working. We ate our brown bag lunches under the shade tree and had a great art talk. This farm is "very pristine" and I needed to rough it up a little on canvas to give it the character I like. I finished this painting in my cool studio and added the dots and dashes I felt were needed.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Look At Green and See Red? by Larry Lerew

Spent this morning painting with friends Julie Riker, Ralph Hocker, John Tritt and Cathy Mabius at the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art outside of Millerburg, PA. I'll call this painting "The Red Forest" because I looked at the lush green woods and thought this would make a great painting by pulling the greens out of a red underpainting. Hope you enjoy the color vibes!
Title: "The Red Forest"
Size: 10" x 10"
en Plein Air

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Entries 2012 Members Show At The Art Center, Mechanicsburg, PA by Larry Lerew

#12-06-53 Size: 8" x 16" Acrylic, en plein air
"Camp Hill Plein Air Behind Market Street"

#12-06-54 Size: 8" x 16" Acrylic, en plein air
"Dillsburg Square Crossing"

I'm participating in this year's 2012 Member's Show at the Art Center School and Galleries, Mechanicsburg, PA. The reception is Friday, July 13 from 5 to 7 p.m. The top painting was painted on location standing next to the Community Building in Camp Hill and the second painting was painted on the street at Dillsburg's Square. I have been exploring Fauvism with my plein air painting and really enjoy having fun with simple shapes and free color. Henri Matisse and the Fauves are having an important impact on me as I evolve as an artist. I can no longer paint just what I see, I'm now consistantly painting what I feel and that's a big poetic step in my painting.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

View From Cemetery Hill, Gettysburg by Larry Lerew

#12-06-25 Size: 10" x 10" Acrylic

#12-06-24 Size: 9" x 12" Pastel

Participating in the Gettyburg Festival Plein Air Event this week.

Met Donna Barlup and Dorothea Barrick at Cemetery Hill, Gettysburg, PA. We each painted two paintings ate a brown bag lunch and ended with a cold ice tea at a local cafe'. Had a great time, enjoyed the location and occational visitors. Paintings from over 30 plein air artists will be on display with a wine reception from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, June 16 at the Majestic Theater & Lobby in Gettysburg, PA. Please feel welcome to join us and see how Gettysburg is interpreted by the artists.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Steel Observation Tower by Larry Lerew

#12-06-22 Size: 12" x 16" Acrylic
#12-06-23 Size: 12" x 9" Pastel

Participating in the Gettyburg Festival Plein Air Event this week.

Met Donna Barlup at Devil's Den and we both painted watercolors this morning. Donna's painting was impressive and full of color. My painting didn't work and bit the dust, so I tried a quick pastel study of a couple of interesting trees just above us on the horizon. Then I packed up and left to see Madeline Reilly who was painting from the Peach Orchard. She was finished for the day and needed to come back later so I headed over to the steel observation tower, had a quick bagged lunch and painted the tower. Switching mediums made things interesting and fun. I climbed this tower in grade school and my Cub Scout Troop spent a fun day flying kites here back in the 60's. Met lots of people through the day and had plenty of fun painting and talking. Just wish I was younger and had more energy although I'm happy I can get out of the studio and paint en plein air with friends.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Painting the Gettysburg Battlefield by Larry Lerew

#12-06-21 Size: 8" x 16"

#12-06-20 Size: 12" x 36"

#12-06-19 Size: 8" x 10"
Participating in the Gettyburg Festival Plein Air Event this week.
Here are three out of my first five works. I think I'll switch to watercolor or creative drawings on paper for the last half of the week. Last evening I painted by the Copse of Trees on the Battlefield and it felt a little spooky. It was super quite and I heard footsteps coming up behind me several times and then stop. Most times it was tourists admiring my work but one time I turned and no one was there. Do ghosts enjoy painting too? There is always someone or something looking over my shoulder. Just another interesting experience while out plein air painting.

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Day of May 2012 Over The River by Larry Lerew

Title: "Harvey Taylor Bridge Impression"
Size: 3.5" x 5.5"
Location: en Plein Air, Negley Park, Lemoyne, PA
Medium: Acrylic on Watercolor Paper
Artist: Larry Lerew

I know this is a little wild but I like it. Johanna called a SVPAP paint out at Negley Park, Lemoyne, PA and we had a fun time painting on this last day of May, 2012. Cecelia stopped by but couldn't stay. The river was a little brown from recent rains and had a lot of color. I tried to scale down my format and found it interesting to reduce so much natural information to such basic simple shapes and colors on such a small size paper. I might call this my "Dinky Series".

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fresh Spring Air On The Susquehanna by Larry Lerew

Title: "Susquehanna Tree Jumble"
Size: 16" x 20"
Location: en Plein Air Liverpool Boat Access, Liverpool, PA
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Panel
Artist: Larry Lerew

This is my semi abstract interpretation of our day painting right along the river at the Liverpool Boat Access on May 10, 2012. The river was high and running fast after the recent rain. The light and color was fantastic so I painted how I felt standing their in the clear fresh spring air. The cloud shadows were dancing around taking the mountains in and out of light and everytime I looked up at the river it changed color. Everytime Bill Andrew saw a log or tree floating by he would say "Quick Larry, paint that in", I'm fast but not that fast. This was a fun day on the Susquehanna River.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012 Windy Day At Samual Lewis State Park by Larry Lerew

I usually make a quick 60 second thumbnail sketch just to find the basic shapes and see what I am dealing with. I start thinking "Simplify" and look at what to leave in and what to leave out. I know this doesn't look like much of a sketch but this little short hand sketch helps me compose.

This is the best I could do on site. I laid in the basic shapes but brush control was crazy. I like happy accidents but this was wild. Bill said lets keep at it and stay a little longer maybe the "elements" would calm down.

This beautiful vista was right in front of us but so hard to capture.
Photo taken for reference to complete painting in studio.

Title: "Columbia View From Sam Lewis State Park"
Size: 8" x 16"
Location: en Plein Air Samual Lewis State Park, Wrightsville, PA
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Panel
Artist: Larry Lerew

We had a great time but boy was it windy. Bill Andrew and I painted from the top of Samual Lewis State Park and both had to run after flying watercolor paper and I had my canvas blow off the easel twice. It was hard to pull a straight line with a brush since the wind would actually move my arm. After an hour and a half we gave in and packed up but first I took a photo for reference back in my studio. I really liked this composition and wanted to complete this painting on site but it was impossible that day and the next trip to this park could be weeks or months away.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Painting On The Street Again by Larry Lerew

Title: "Painting On The Streets Again"
Size: 10" x 10"
Location: en Plein Air Dillsburg, PA
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Panel
Artist: Larry Lerew

This painting had a cute happening. I was set up in front of my pick up truck painting on the street and a young mother and her kindergarden son stopped to chat. She said her son saw me painting on the way to school and when she picked him up from his half day session he wanted to see the artist and the painting. The little guy was amazed as I showed him how I used a brush to capture the simple shapes and colors laid out before us. They only stayed a second but it was fun to share.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pennsylvania Garden Show Of York -- March 2, 3, and 4, 2012


Had a great enjoyable time over the past three days. Met Claire Klaum and Joe Maddox who were also painting plein air in the Expo Center. Also met several other artists from the York area. Julie Newmar was entertaining with an interesting slide show about her rose garden in California. Spent most of Friday afternoon sketching figures throughout the show and got my paints out to paint members of the jazz band on stage. They wanted to buy the art but I told them I wasn't selling and needed my color sketches for larger work back at my studio. Saturday I brought a 12 x 16" canvas and found an out of the way location to paint next to the stage. Patrons were interested in my blocking in shapes with a "tree stick" dipped in black acrylic paint. I do that to get a slightly uncontrollable thick and thin line. Most of it gets painted over later anyhow, but it helps me stay loose. I painted the audience seating area with the beautiful floral arrangement with small trees as a backdrop. I tried to capture the feeling of the space with the high ceiling and drop lights. There were two camera platforms filming Vince Butera, a well known York florist, on stage. I noticed he and others at the show were very free and flowing with their hand movements when they made their pitch and I made a few sketches to file away in my sketchbook. Sunday I set up to paint the Juried Floral Arrangement area and had the local paper take my picture while painting. Good thing he spotted me working early on because after he left the painting kind of fell apart and got a case of the uglies. In addition to the 12 x 16" canvas I painted six other small paintings but three turned out to be real stinkers. That's pretty good averages, you win some and lose some. Overall had a great time and past along our club name and the blog site to several interested people.  By Larry Lerew

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Larry Lerew to Display Art at Dillsburg Library

I did a plein air sketch from the comfort of my pick-up truck recently. This was a quick 15 minute pencil sketch to capture simple shapes and compositions of downtown Dillsburg looking north from the Post Office. I left my camera behind and soaked in the view as an artist. It was early afternoon and the school buses started moving by and I knew the yellow bus was my center of interest. From this quick field sketch I created the painting below. The painting is not plein air but I think I caught the feel of the moment from my sketch which is why I like to sketch plein air.

View a selection of my paintings in person during the month of February 2012 at the Dillsburg Library, Dillsburg, PA. Free admission, Free street parking. Come in, warm up and have a look at some of my recent work. Link to Dillsburg Area Public Library for hours:
Wednesday, February 1, 10:00am until Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at 8:00pm
Phone: 717-432-5613
Librarian: Barbara Tosiano

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sometimes It Just Happens!

I was painting some figures to get warmed up for a day of work in the studio and this guy just happened. I like his gesture and he looks like he talks and explains things with his hands. I recall seeing several people counting with their fingers as they think. People do the funniest stuff to communicate.