"Step On A Crack" by Larry Lerew

It was kind of summer stormy today with periods of showers so I stayed in the studio and finished one of my plein air paintings I did on the street in front of the coffee shop in Camp Hill. I needed to make a few final touches like pushing the background back and adding some white calligraphy throughout the painting. This was one of a dozen paintings I painted at the Camp Hill Plein Air Event. All finished and I hear thunder again.

"Step On A Crack" by Larry Lerew
Acrylic on 16" x 20" Archival Canvas Panel
#13-06-24, en Plein Air, Market Street, Camp Hill, PA



  1. awesome...you are all over the cyber world! trying to find a link to your show to post on my ...f.b. I will find it yet! Good luck Larry! You are great!


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