Shopping Cart Tango by Larry Lerew

"Shopping Cart Tango"
by Larry Lerew
Acrylic on 12" x 36" gallery wrapped canvas (sides painted)

Really wanted to paint this for days. Had to run errands and attend a few meetings but kept thinking about what I wanted to paint. I compose paintings in my head all the time. When I got to actually paint I tinted my ground, in this case canvas, with gold paint for a change. I did a couple of quick gel pen sketches in my sketchbook and dove in. I didn't want everything lined up like ducks in a row so I kept thinking "Variation" in size, shapes, color and direction. This kind of painting is very spontaneous but there is a lot of thinking going on before anything begins. It's really fun to see your interpretation appear on canvas. I am taking this painting to Brath & Hughes Fine Art, LLC - Gallery today and if accepted you can see it "LIVE" during their February featured group exhibit "Food & Fruit".


  1. So CooL!!!
    This looks SUPER GOOD in person, Larry!

    1. Thanks Sue,
      Appreciate you taking the time to view my art. I've been admiring your mixed media!


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